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Ukrainian on-line dictionaries are currently designed for English-Ukrainian-English translation. Now more than 50000 English and Ukrainian words and phrases are available


new! English phonetical text for Ukrainian translation is now available! [5.IX.2002]
new! Input the Ukrainian words in any conjugation!
new! Stresses assist to pronounce Ukrainian words correctly!
English-to-Ukrainian online dictionary with Ukrainian interface has been launched!
Try Ukrainian-to-English dictionary   (50 000 Ukrainian words!)
Smoloskyp Literature Foundation offers creative opportunities and new Ukrainian books!
Proper nouns, most names  are now available!
To speed up type several words up to 40 symbols.
soon! Dictionary of rhymes, helpful for writing a Ukrainian poetry
soon! Offline versions
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If your browser does not select encoding automatically, choose Cyrillic(Windows) or windows-1251 charset manually.
If you use Netscape Navigator, then in menu choose Options, open it. Then find Document Encoding and choose there Cyrillic (Windows 1251).
For Internet Explorer 5, click right mouse button and, in section Encoding, choose Cyrillic (Windows).

If your system does not support Ukrainian at all, activate appropriate components when installing or updating your browser. For Internet Explorer 5, during instalation/updating in custom component options select Language Auto-Selection and Pan-European Text Display Support in the Multi-Language Support section.

For both Ukrainian and English input it is not necessary to type a normalized form of words. The dictionary will try to locate the appropriate entry(ies) automatically for most words. This also means that a Ukrainian word might be typed incomplete. But the true is the more exact characters you type the more matching word will be found.

To type Ukrainian letters in Windows, use the Ukrainian keyboard layout:

Ukrainian Keyboard Layout

Apostroph is not necessary to be typed for Ukrainian input. The word will be found anyway. If you really need it, switch to English keyboard layout and borrow apostroph from there.

To install the Ukrainian keyboard like above in Windows firstly check if it is available and than add it to your set of active keyboard layouts.

To configure your system and install Ukrainian keyboard layout (Windows XP):

You should ensure the necessary codepage conversion tables are installed. Make sure in the dialog Start/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Advanced tab the following items in the Codepage conversion tables list are checked: 10007 (MAC - Cyrillic), 10017 (MAC - Ukraine), 1251 (ANSI - Cyrillic), 21866 (Ukrainian - KOI8-U), 28595 (ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic), 855 (OEM - Cyrillic).
It is also recommended to select in the above dropdown box the Ukrainian option. This will allow for non-Unicode applications to display Ukrainian letters correctly.

To check if any Cyrillic keyboard is available on your computer (Windows'98, ME):

  • From Start/Settings/Control Panel run Add/Remove Programs
  • Switch to tab Windows Setup
  • Choose the Multilanguage Support component and click Details
  • In the opened dialog the component Cyrillic must be checked.
  • If the component Cyrillic is not checked, check it and click OK twice. System might require to insert its installation CD and to restart your computer

To activate the Ukrainian keyboard (Windows'98, ME):

  • Press Start/Settings/Keyboard
  • Choose Install and then Ukrainian. Select a shortcut that makes faster switching between keyboard layouts. (I prefere a combination of Ctrl + Shift)
  • You will then see an icon at the right side of your taskbar with two letters indicating the active keyboard (En - English, Uk - Ukrainian etc.)
  • To switch between keyboard layouts click left mouse button on the icon and choose your language or press the shortcut key combination


Synonimical translations are separated with comma and rather far meanings are separated with semicolomn. If a word cannot be translated, its explanation is given in parentheses.
Sometimes same English word means different parts of speech. In Ukrainian translation you may easy distinguish a doubtful part of speech by endings.

Verb's infinitives endings are: -ти(ся). The particular word is мати (may be translated in isolated position like mother or to have).

Adjectives normally has endings -ий, rarely -ій . It means masculine gender nominative case. Sometimes you really need female gender. Especially, if you want to say to your girlfriend darling. Than throw a masculine ending and add instead the female one -a. For example, in dictionary word beatiful is translated гарний, красивий. So a beautiful girl is translated as гарна дівчина. You see how easy it is!
From adjectives you can easily compose adverbs. Like in English, where you add ending -ly, in Ukrainian such ending is -o. Examples: гарний - гарно, веселий - весело. Exception: добрий - добре .

Pronounciation of Ukrainian words is easy. In Ukrainian what you see is what you say (WYSIWYS) :). To achieve it perfectly a stress is provided for Ukrainian words in all dictionaries. So, a stressed vowel, which is italized, should be a little bit emphasized while pronouncing. If two wovels are italized, it does not matter which one you stress.

You are welcome to post your suggestions and comments.

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